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About Bianca

Welcome! I'm Bianca Siravo, a Women's Health Coach,  Certified Nurse Midwife, and Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, passionate about coaching and supporting clients experiencing pain with sex on their journey to health and wellness. 

As someone who has personally navigated the challenges of dyspareunia (pain with intercourse) for over 15 years, and as a women's healthcare provider, I understand how frustrating, overwhelming, and lonely it can be to walk this path.  I also know that hope and healing are possible - and that you are not alone. 

I am here to provide you with tools, resources, and support, so you can develop your personal roadmap for health, take steps reach your goals, and invite more connection, joy and ease into your life along the way. 

I look forward to working with you! Reach out today for a FREE intro call. 

Call or Text: 858.727.8816

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